Commands List for Designers & Developers All commands start and end with $, for example: $COMMAND$
  • MENU, calls the default menu from the menu editor. You can also call menu groups by doing MENU(groupname)
  • TITLE - page title
  • DESCRIPTION - page description
  • CANONICAL - page canonical url
  • OGIMAGE - og:image meta data
  • FAVICON - site favorite icon
  • MENU - default menu
  • MENU("test") - "test" menu
  • CONTENT -page html content
  • STYLES - css templates
  • TEMPLATE - html and script templates
  • LOGINNAME - user name logged in
  • YEAR - this year
  • AGENCY_NAME - our agency name
  • AGENCY_LOGO_PATH - our agency logo image path that was configured in agency setup page in menu editor:
  • QUERY( query )- url to map search with query
  • LINK() - default direct link group
  • LINK(/test) - "test" link in default group
  • LINK(group) - "group" direct link group
  • LINK(group/test) - "test" link in "group" link group

Platform Usage Notes for Agents and Brokers

Agents & Brokers

After login be sure to edit your profile and publish to it to your agent page if you wish for it to be displayed on your website team page.

  • Agency Profile allows you to view your assigned Agency information.
  • Customer list allows you to view and manage customers and notification settings for those customers.

For Support call 218 262-9553.

Brokers & Agency Admin
  • Domain Setup allows you to manage your domain(s) settings including logo, favicon, default map coverage, direct links, featured listings, search form selections(such as Counties, Cities, Waterfronts, Neighborhoods, School districts and Family Styles)
  • User List allows you to manage all users for your agency and set permissions for each type of user(ie. Agency Admin, additional Brokers, Agents, Designers and Developers.
  • Direct Links allows you to manage custom search optimized links for your websites(s)
Agency Admin
  • Testimonials allows the agency admin to review and approve testimonials allowing you to reach out to customers that may have had questions or address any bad experiences as needed. Approved testimonials will be displayed on your agency website.